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All Parts Are Posted From A Warehouse in Southern England with Fast Local UK Shipping.

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Thank you for visiting We greatly appreciate your business. With over 30,000 satisfied customers, worldwide, you have made Hans Auto Parts one of the most popular websites to purchase parts for VW, Audi Skoda or Seat Cars. All of the Parts on this website are shipped from Hastings, England.

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New TDI Engine

We purchased some new VW TDI engines and have parted them out to offer a wide variety of new OEM parts. While these parts are new and straight from the VW factory, they are sold without boxes. If you are looking for OEM engine parts for common rail TDI engines at low prices, you have come to the right place.

Seasonal Information

Seasonal Information for Winter 2014/2015

1982 Rabbit Diesel

Winter is coming to the US and Canada! Now is the time to add antifreeze to your coolant, if you have been using pure water for the summer. That old battery that has made it through the summer might need replacing when the temperature drops. While most gas VW's will start the same in summer as in winter, diesel VW's are another story! Now is the time to replace the glow plugs, if your diesel has been getting hard to start.